The Childbirth Connection, LLC

The Childbirth Connection (TCC) LLC has been providing prenatal education, Lamaze childbirth education, labor support and parent training to Developmentally Disabled parents since 1991.  The training takes place in the clients’ home and out in the community depending on the need. When providing labor support, the trained staff accompany the laboring mom to the hospital so that no woman is alone during labor. Additionally the staff helps to create a positive birth environment and is able to interface with hospital staff regarding the special needs of the family.  After the baby is born the staff is able to assist with bonding techniques which are so important to the mom and baby immediately after the birth. Once the baby is home we provide services to the new mom and other family members to help them adjust to the demands of parenthood.  Our agency teaches parenting skills and stays involved with the family as long as they need us.