A Tribute to Dodie

mom-1This last July our dear friend and volunteer Dodie passed away at the ripe young age of 99 years old. I often think of the sparkle she had in her eyes, her warm smile and the zest she had for living. She often spoke of what a wonderful life she had lived, so much loving for her family and friends, never having any pain and always feeling full with love and a pure joy for living.

My relationship with Dodie began about 20 years ago. She was the mother of one of my dearest friends Bettie who was on the board of Childbirth Connection Foundation and she often came to gatherings and activities that we all did together including our annual Easter egg hunt, visiting the pumpkin patch and our holiday party. Also we were able to spend personal time together over the years, getting to know each other and attending many lovely afternoons at tea parties and evenings at concerts where we were all together! She always looked adorable, very put together with a spring in her step. She always seemed much younger than she actually was. Her famous saying that I would hear her say over and over again through the years was ” it’s all about attitude and gratitude” and whenever she said that, she would giggle.

I don’t remember the year she started wrapping Christmas gifts for our Foundation. But early on after the Foundation was formed and we started having our annual Holiday party, we needed volunteers and she let me know that she wanted to wrap all the Christmas gifts. All we had to do was deliver them to her house with wrapping paper and tape and she would do the rest. It had to be early on in 2006 that she took on this huge endeavor of wrapping the packages for all the children we gave presents to each and every year. Since we were working with about 50 families, there were so many gifts!! At least 100, maybe more! And she wrapped each one beautifully with such loving care…How did she do it? That was the thing. She did it with such love, we named her as our official gift wrapper! And just like that she became one of our first volunteers since 2006 until the last few years when we recruited another volunteer, my mother in law Marion (now 88 years young) to assist her. She continued to attend our annual events. She loved coming to the holiday party and watching Santa give out all the presents she had wrapped!

Everyone who knew Dodie felt blessed to have known her. We loved having her be a part of things and we are feeling her absence and missing her.

Thank you Dodie! We love you and will always remember you!

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