Mentor Update-Janet

Janet continues to mentor Laura who is now 13, transitioning into her teens, facing changes that come with that part of her life. Laura’s Grandmother says “since spending time with Janet, Laura’s interests have expanded in many areas. This exposure opens up so many possibilities for Laura’s future”. Laura still loves her hip hop lessons with all the benefits of learning routines and tricky moves. She & Janet go to concerts & other cultural activities, but Laura’s favorite afternoons are spent at Janet’s home. The day usually includes a trip to the farmer’s market to buy an assortment of veggies to use along with the lettuce they planted in Janet’s yard. They then prepare a healthy lunch together. There’s usually a walk, art project or game to complete the afternoon. It is satisfying for Janet to be a part of Laura’s life, knowing in some small way she is exposing her to a world in which Laura will find a place she can have a gratifying future. 4/13/12

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