Family Spotlight – Dina, Daniel & Brandon

Dina has been involved with The Childbirth Connection for the past 3 years. She is the proud mother of adorable and active 2 ½ year old named Brandon. She lives with her son along with her wonderful husband of seven years, Daniel.

Over the past three years, Dina has grown into a strong self-confident mother. Dina states, “The Childbirth Connection has assisted me in working through my fears such as learning to hold Brandon in my arms, rocking him to sleep and playing at the local park with him.”

Since Dina became connected to The Childbirth Connection, she has noted that she feels more self-confident when interacting with Brandon. The Childbirth Connection has helped her with floor time play along with other stimulating activities. This was something that she was nervous about due to her physical limitations. She states, “Now, I can interact with him on a daily basis. I kick the ball with him, play cars, go to the park and even take him to the mall play area with confidence.

dina_daniel_brandon2For some time, Dina felt a disconnect from her son that she could not pinpoint. She watched as everyone cared for Brandon’s physical needs and she wanted to do more for him. With the help of the instructors at The Childbirth Connection, Dina now takes an active role in some of his daily needs including the occasional dirty diaper. She puts him down for his naps and now feels closer to him.

Dina has enjoyed many of the activities that The Childbirth Connection offers. She and her husband have really enjoyed going on the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Last year, they attended the annual holiday party. Brandon especially liked his gift of a train set. They attended a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo where Brandon enjoyed the animals, however, his favorite activity at the zoo had nothing to do with the animals rather it was frolicking on the jungle gym!

Brandon currently attends a local preschool where he enjoys baking, playing, creating exquisite paintings on rock and scaling the jungle gym. Here in this class he has significantly increased his vocabulary and is now using complete sentences. He is looking forward to moving up to the “three-year-old” class where he will be staying for four hours a day instead of three hours a day. He is very motivated in this program as he knows how challenging kindergarten entrance exams can be!

When asked if she would recommend The Childbirth Connection to other parents she replied with a resounding “definitely!”

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